Professional Video Production Services Can Improve Your Customer Support And Your Bottom Line

In today’s starving economy, businesses all over the world are pulling out all the stops to make sure their company comes out at the top of every consumer’s list. High technology items like cell phones, computers, and televisions make up an industry that has created high demand. Unfortunately, the technical problems that often arise with these products also means that customers are talking to company representatives more than ever before. Because of this demand, customer service has become that factor that separates the drowning businesses from the ones that will outlast the recession. As a result, many companies are scrambling to provide increased consumer quality while decreasing overall costs.

For companies in today’s world, technical support can encompass a vast range of topics from basic installation questions and common errors to difficult troubleshooting and full-out repair assistance. Imagine being able to provide how-to videos to your consumers for those most basic technological questions. Simple step-by-step videos included with their purchase would allow your customers to get immediate answers to easy questions, as well as a visual demonstration they can follow to reduce mistakes. Not only would this save your customer’s time, it would free up more agents in technical support departments, allowing them to focus their attention on the more difficult technology issues.

Professional video production companies, such as Digital Pickle, can create edited digital content that consists of a combination of multiple, synchronized video streams in virtually any digital format required for online streaming, downloading, or archiving. For booming technology companies this means their user-friendly how-to videos can be included in the box with a customer’s purchase or streamed online through the company Web site, which would reduce costs even more.

Continuing education in customer service is yet another way businesses are ensuring their agents meet the expectations of consumers everywhere. Such education often requires having a specialized trainer travel from branch to branch relaying the same message over and over. However, companies that utilize professional video production services can reduce this cost as well by creating videos that can be reused for refresher training or educating new-hires.

Video production for either internal company use or external company support is cost-effective to produce and can further increase a company’s bottom line by leveraging the knowledge of the existing engineering and support staff. In addition, corporate video digital media production can be used for all types of products in any industry. To make it even easier, Digital Pickle is able to provide a camera crew and any necessary recording equipment to complete the videos. They will create edited digital content that may consist of presentation slides synchronized with the presenter video or any other combination of multiple, synchronized, video streams in virtually any digital format required for online streaming, downloading, or archiving. They will even take care of post-production services such as editing, formatting, special effects additions, and improvements to picture and sound. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

For more information about how to implement professional video production services anywhere in the U. S. for the production of sales and marketing, training, and customer support videos, contact Digital Pickle at 1-800-889-0730, visit their website at, or email them today.

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