Give A Gift From The Heart With Digital Photo Keepsakes

Throughout the year we all have multiple occasions arise that require us to purchase gifts: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, etc. Between all these gift-giving events it often becomes difficult and nearly impossible to get someone something they don’t already have, never mind a present that’s unique and truly expresses how much you care for the recipient.
For such occasions consider personalizing a gift with pictures, slides, or negatives that you already possess to make digital photo keepsakes. Digital Pickle, a photo and video preservation company offers unique services for creating that one-of-a-kind present for all your loved ones. Through their Zazzle store, you can customize high-quality gifts without going through the trouble of downloading your own software; and the process couldn’t be easier.

Simply choose the type of product you want to put your image on. Digital Pickle and Zazzle can add your picture to mugs, aprons, hats, mouse pads, key chains, and much, much more. This doesn’t include the paper items they also have available such as greeting cards, calendars, posters, stationary, and photo books. They even offer customized stamps that would be perfect for invitations to weddings or anniversary parties. Their Smart Arrangement system automatically analyzes your photos and produces an intelligent layout to fit the product you’ve chosen for your gift. While this program makes your life easier for the initial layout, it also gives you the power to alter or customize the image any way you see fit.

Once your digital photo keepsakes look the way you want, simply hit the “Buy” button and your gift is on the way to being completed. All prices and discounts are clearly listed throughout the buying process and most products ship within 24 hours of being ordered. Best of all, Digital Pickle’s Zazzle store allows you all the no-obligation customizations you want, which means you can alter and play with your gift to your heart’s content without being hassled by the program.

With such a user-friendly system at your fingertips, you can create digital photo keepsakes to make your next gift-giving occasion a hit with a personalized present that truly comes from the heart.

For more information about digital photo keepsakes, contact Digital Pickle at 1-800-889-0730, visit their website, or email them today.

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