Custom Photo Albums Capture a Lifetime of Memories

Think of all the memories in your life – your wedding day, your baby’s first smile, your daughter’s first dance recital, and your son’s high school graduation…These memories are the ones you want to hold on to through all the years of your life and are the legacy you want to give to your children and grandchildren. Due to recent advances in digital photo technology, you can now capture all those wonderful memories and more in glossy full color custom photo albums with pictures that will never fade or discolor.

Custom photo albums are all about sharing those precious by-gone days with family and friends on special occasions.

Custom photo books are great for so many events including:

  • Family reunion albums – have everyone send in pictures of their kids and grandkids and then take more pictures during the reunion. You can make a photobook for each family “group” that can be enjoyed for years to come.
  • Grandparents love getting custom designed, long-lasting photobooks that capture all of the stages of their grandchildren’s lives!
  • How about sending these photo albums to family and friends for special occasions to preserve and share the memories?Custom photo albums offer a wonderful way to revisit old times with friends or to capture new memories.
  • Newlyweds also love custom photo albums! They can unleash their creativity and create beautiful photo books while retaining complete control over the layout, backgrounds, themes, and cover types.
  • Everyone loves a photo album of their childhood. What more perfect gift could there be for a “milestone” birthday than a photo book that shows the birthday person at all the stages of their life, from birth up until the present day?
  • Special anniveraries also call for a custom photo album that captures the lives of the the happy couple.

Given how unique custom photo albums can be, you might think it would be difficult to make one, but you would be wrong. Digital Pickle offers a download of their free book design software so you can design your book using digital images and upload it directly to them for production. You approve the proof copy they provide and, once completed, they will ship you the professionally produced photo album.

Still nervous about how creative you might be? In that case, they will be happy to provide a one-stop-shopping experience for you by scanning your photos (or slides & negatives), designing your book, and then providing you with a finished photobook. With flexible, variable photo sizes, customizable covers, and glossy paper, you can preserve your happy moments in a beautiful, professional form. The photo professionals at Digital Pickle can also assist you with scannning or restoring physical photographs to include in your photo book.

For more information about custom photo albums, contact Digital Pickle at 1-800-889-0730 or email them today.

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