Save Space and Preserve Memories With Video Transfer Services

Remember the way you felt when you took your son on his first camping trip and the way your daughter looked when she finished her first dance recital? Every time important moments like that arose in their lives you were there with the video camera, capturing every precious moment and rite of passage. You knew, without a doubt, that those significant events would be available for you to watch over and over again as you and your children grew older. You would always have the opportunity to relive those happy times.

Unfortunately those old videos and films are more vulnerable than you may think. Over time they tend to become brittle and break, not to mention the damage that can occur to the video quality. Arik Paran of Digital Pickle, a photo and video preservation company, notes that his company is seeing high amounts of deterioration to the magnetic material in many tapes. Such corrosion often makes the tapes impossible to view at all.

Video preservation companies are able to save such films and preserve your family’s treasured memories. Through video transfer services VHS, Beta, and Hi-8 formatted videos are easily transferred into a digital configuration. During this process, video technicians can enhance the quality of the video through the use of Dolby Digital while reducing and eliminating background noise. Short videos can be edited together so you have one long DVD to watch istead of many short ones. The technicians can also ensure the audio and video are synchronized and the film’s color is touched up. By the time they are finished, you’ll feel like you’re watching your home videos for the first time.

In addition, imagine the amount of space you could save by using video transfer services to digitize your VHS, Beta, and Hi-8 movies and videos. If that weren’t enough, take into consideration the fact that DVD and Blu-Ray movies are making thetraditional VCR player obsolete. As Paran points out, “VCRs are beginning to be scarce for all types of tapes – including pro formats. VCRs are no longer sold in Europe! The US is probably next.” Because of this, many families should consider converting their VHS, Beta, and Hi-8 movies onto DVDs rather than losing all the money that went into purchasing them. Video transfer isn’t just for home videos, either- it can also be done for sales presentations, weddings, baptisms, memorials, and bar-and bat-mitzvahs and other ceremonies, so you can watch them over and over for years to come.

Turn those brittle, discolored movies and videos into high tech, professionally edited, quality enhanced DVDs or video files.Video transfer services will digitize them so you’ll be able to enjoy them for a lifetime.

For more information about video transfer services, contact Digital Pickle at 1-800-889-0730, visit their website, or email them today.

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