Start a Holiday Tradition or Create Custom Photo Gifts With Phanfare, Zazzle, and Legacy It!

The countdown to the holidays has begun! All over the country, people have enjoyed their Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing and are turning their attention to the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays. Plans are being made for holiday get-togethers with family members and friends. One of the best things about this time of year is the nostalgia we feel when we visit family and share memories of loved ones and past events. But, what if you can’t be with all of your loved ones this holiday season? Why not start a family project that everyone can share in, no matter where they are in the country or in the world. Start uploading the family photos to Phanfare and Legacy It and start a new holiday tradition that can continue to bring joy for years to come.

Phanfare is a great place to share, manage, and archive your digital photos and videos. The web site offers unlimited storage for all your photos and HD videos. You can create your own photo and HD video website in minutes and you even get a destination web site for your album collection. Your friends and family can visit the website and view your photos and videos whenever they like and they can even upload their own photos and videos to your web drop box.

Get started on that holiday tradition by having everyone in the family contribute to creating gorgeous custom hardcover photo books with wrapped photo covers through Phanfare. Their photo book software is efficient enough to create a book in two minutes, but it is flexible enough to provide you with full creative control over the final output. You can also create online slideshows with your photos and videos and even set them to music.

Another great place to start a family project is on Legacy It. Legacy It is a fun and engaging activity that allows you to organize and quickly search the digital assets that are most important to you and your family. It was created to bridge the ever growing gap found in social networking by enabling people to connect with close friends and family in a more meaningful way. You can store and search the digital items that you treasure the most; such as pictures, documents, videos, and the stories that you love to hear again and again. Most importantly, they help you capture the stories behind all of these treasures in unique and meaningful way that everyone in the family can enjoy creating and contributing to. Just think about what a treasure your collection will be and how easy it will be to share with the family and your close friends when it is properly organized and digitally preserved. Your collection will hold value that money could never buy and it will be enjoyed today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. A great side benefit of Legacy It is that you are protecting digital copies of your photographs, videos, documents, and precious memories from floods, fires and other natural disasters that could destroy the originals, your computer, or your hard drive.

Still need a great idea for holiday gifts? Try Digital Pickle’s Zazzle store where you can create amazing (and cool!) custom photo gifts with your own digital images. It’s easy and fast: there’s no download, no user name or password. Zazzle uses the pictures you select from your own memory storage device (hard drive, CD, jump drive, etc). You can build custom photo giftslike mugs, T-Shirts, mouse pads, key chains and other keepsakes including many paper items – from from greeting cards to posters and canvas prints, and get your one-of-a-kind products shipped within 24 hours.

For more information about custom photo giftsPhanfare and Legacy It, contact Digital Pickle at 1-800-889-0730, visit their website at, or email them today.

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