Improve Customer Support With Professional Video Production Services

One of the things that can set a company apart from others in this competitive economy is the way that particular company deals with customer support. Those businesses that are perceived to have better customer support for their technical products are usually the ones that come out on top because customers know they can rely on the business to provide help when it is needed. The recession also means that businesses are scrambling to provide increased consumer quality while decreasing overall costs. Wouldn’t it be great if improved customer support could be combined with lower customer support costs for businesses? Professional video production services can help with both areas.

Most technical products such as computers, cell phones, CD players, etc, come with written manuals to help customers learn how to set up and use the product. Many people are visual learners, however, which means they understand better and retain more if they can see something being done first. The popularity of You Tube can attest to this. In addition to playing silly skating baby commercials, You Tube has exploded with “how to” videos. People love them because they can see what is happening on the video and can follow it step-by-step. The video just has to be restarted or paused and the customer can watch a necessary part of the video over and over again. With professional video production services, any company can offer their customers the same experience – they can show the purchaser how to install a component, how to configure a software program, or even how to perform any needed product maintenance with ease. Imagine how much of the technical support staff could be freed up for more difficult areas of customer support if clients could access basic videos and see how to make a change or complete an installation by themselves.

This principle also translates to areas within the company itself. If the firm is introducing a new computer software system, for example, a tutorial on the new program will help familiarize the staff with the technical aspects, will answer most of the frequently asked questions, and can provide a reference for employees. This frees up trainers and technical support staff and allows them to be utilized in more critical areas. Having the video tutorial as a reference means the staff can review it over and over again, and can use it as a supplement to written technical documentation. The videos can also be used for training new hires.

Along the same lines, professional video production services can be used to create videos of new or continuing training or education within the firm. These training videos can be broadcast simultaneously to all branches of the company world-wide or can be produced for different divisions or branches of the firm. It is more costly for a company to send a trainer to individual divisions than to invest in video production that can be produced once and replicated over and over for distribution throughout the firm. These focused videos communicate the technical aspects of the company training comprehensively and efficiently.

Video production for either internal company use or external customer support is inexpensive to produce and can leverage the knowledge of existing engineering and support staff. And, corporate video production can be used for virtually any technology and any kind of product. Digital Pickle provides professional video production services to companies anywhere in the U. S. for production of sales and marketing training and customer support videos. They create edited digital content that may consist of presentation slides synchronized with the presenter video or any other combination of multiple, synchronized, video streams in virtually any digital format required for online streaming, downloading, or archiving. Digital Pickle also can provide a camera crew and any necessary recording equipment. They even will take care of the editing, formatting, special effects additions, and improvements to picture and sound.

The current recession has made companies more aware of the need to reduce costs while maintaining quality customer service. They also need to be cost effective internally to increase profits in a struggling economy. Professional video production services can provide an inexpensive means of customer support and internal training or staff support and gives a great return on investment.

For more information about professional video production services in the San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles Metro Areas, contact Digital Pickle at 1-800-889-0730, visit their website at, or email them today.

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