Photo Album Scanning Can Save Your Old, Faded Pictures

When it comes to reliving memories, the first place many people turn to is their stack of photo albums. These albums have been lovingly filled with images that capture a lifetime of experiences. Most people have these picture books stuffed with photos of everything from their wedding and honeymoon right up to birth of their first baby, their child’s first day of school, and the birth of their grandchildren. One of the problems with many of these old albums, though, is that often the photos have started deteriorating over the years. This happens because many times pictures are taped or glued to album pages that are made of non-archivable paper. This type of paper degrades and fades the pictures as the years pass by. Another problem that is found in old photo albums is that the pictures themselves are starting to deteriorate and fade due to exposure to light and the toxins from the glue that was used on the plastic covers. Plus, older pictures were also printed on non-archivable paper so they are subject to the same problems found with the pages in these albums.

It’s not too late to stop this aging process. You can preserve your old photos in a digital format which stops the fading and cracking of your pictures. Digital imaging service companies can perform photo album scanning and photo restoration that will keep your pictures looking fresh and new. These companies use high-end commercial scanners to scan each individual photo in your album or collection of pictures. Once the photo album scanning is completed, the new digital photos are loaded onto a CD or DVD so they’ll last a lifetime without fading or cracking. Often, a photo that has been digitalized looks better than the original picture because these companies can remove dust and scratches from the surface of the image before it is scanned. They also use automated tools on the pictures prior to scanning, so the original color and composition of the photo is restored. And at 500 stored images per CD or 4,000 stored images per DVD, you can put many albums onto just one storage medium for easier locating.

This digital picture format is much more versatile than a plain photo. For example, you can print out the photographs to put into a new photo album of your choosing. And, once albums are digitized, they can be recreated in beautiful photo books that can be coffee table books and will last a lot longer than albums. These digital photo albums can be customized with personally selected backgrounds, layouts, themes, and covers. You can also share the newly digitized photos with friends and family online or send them by email. You can even make gifts out of the newly digitized pictures by printing them on mugs or putting them on various items such as mousepads, keychains, or t-shirts.

You’ll love your new digital pictures so much, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to convert your paper photographs throughphoto album scanning. It’s easy to put them into a digital format so you have them to share with your family for generations to come.

Digital Pickle can help you with photo album scanning so you can save your aging hard-copy photo albums from deteriorating. Contact the experts at Digital Pickle today at 1-800-889-0730, visit their website at, or email them for more information.

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