Home Movie and Video Preservation

The last couple of generations of Americans have grown up making and watching home movies. Everything has been captured on movie film and video from Baby’s first steps to graduation, and from weddings and family reunions to holidays and the birth of the next generation. caught on film. And, how many times have you had to sit through Grandma’s vacation movies? Americans are great at making and saving memories, but as time goes by, many of these treasured moments are being lost because they were recorded on a medium that has become outdated.

Digital Pickle offers home video preservation services that will let you convert your favorite home videos or film movies to a modern, high quality format that won’t fade, crack, or lose clarity over time. These preservation services are available for movies that have been captured on film such as in an 8mm, Super 8mm, or 16mm format, or for those that have been recorded in a video tape format like VHS, Beta, Video 8, or DV tapes. Home video preservation will keep your film-based movies from degenerating over the years.

Digital Pickle uses high-quality professional commercial video equipment to perform its home video conversion which produces an exceptional quality duplicate of your movie or video in a digital format. They include includes noise reduction and image stabilization in the preservation process and their professionals can turn out a copy that is better than the original. They also offer custom video editing services that allow you to trim, join, or rearrange video clips within the format. You can change it up by creating a slide show out of still images, adding captions and titles, and putting in motion effects. Part of the conversion process involves using an advanced filtration system for noise reduction, frame synchronization, and to minimize jitter.

When you bring your home movie or video to Digital Pickle for home movie preservation, the conversion professionals will repair the film or video, inspect it to be sure it is free of dust and lint before processing, and will splice broken pieces as necessary. This means you get an exceptional quality video free of flickering. The frames are focused and the light distribution is balanced to be sure the end result looks great. This home movie preservation from film to DVD is painstakingly done one frame at a time, so the digital version operates at the correct frame rate without interference.

Stephen Valentino, a radio host who lives in Marin County, turned to Digital Pickle when thousands of family photographs dating back to the 1800s were damaged during a home remodeling project. For about $9,000, Digital Pickle digitized his photos and repaired much of the damage.

“When I sat my mother down in front of the computer, she was so moved she sat there and cried,” Valentino said. “How do you put a price tag on memories? As we say in Yiddish, this was a mitzvah, a blessing, to have all these memories and history intact.”

For more information about home video preservation and converting home film or video movies to a digital format, please contact Digital Pickle at 1-800-889-0730, visit their website at www.digitalpickle.com, or email them today.

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