Capture Your Life With Custom Photo Books

You squeeze your soon-to-be spouse’s hand tightly, anxiously awaiting the moment when you will exchange “I do’s.” You dig your toes into the soft, warm, silky Greek sand, watching the sun light fireworks across the evening sky as it sets of the Mediterranean. Your child’s eyes shine with glee, joyfully taking in the sights, sounds, and excitement of his first birthday party. Until recently, the happiest moments in our lives were preserved mostly in our memories. Thanks to incredible advances in digital photo technology, we can now capture in vivid detail the experiences we want to remember for the rest of our lives.

With even a simple point and shoot camera, it’s easy to take high quality digital photographs of our weddings, vacations, and families. While we all enjoy sharing our digital pictures online and posting them on the internet, custom photo books make it possible to take your personal pictures and create a glossy, full color, custom designed album that will last. Digital photo professionals allow you to upload your own photos and creatively design and customize your own photo book’s layout, background, theme, and cover types.

With flexible, variable photo sizes, customizable covers, glossy paper, binding, and designs limited by your own creativity,custom photo books can preserve your happy moments in a beautiful, professional form.

Custom photo books aren’t just for your coffee table – they also make great gifts! Many newly married couples create photo books from their wedding pictures and send them out to their guests as thank you gifts. Birthdays and holidays are also great opportunities to put your creativity to use and design a personalized photo book that your loved one will appreciate.

Custom photo books aren’t the only way to use your pictures to create a meaningful gift for your loved ones. Calendars, greeting cards, and post cards can all be custom designed with your favorite images.

Photo professionals can assist you with the design process or even lend their expertise and produce a professionally designed layout using your photos for you. They can also scan or restore physical photographs to include in your photo book.

For more information about custom photo books, contact Digital Pickle at 1-800-889-0730 or email them today.

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