Use Video Transfer To Preserve Those Important Moments In Time

Are you like a lot of people – you have shelves and shelves of family videos accumulating dust and taking up lots of storage space in your den or basement? Wouldn’t it be great if you could free up that space while at the same time preserving your memories? You can do just that through the use of video transfer services.

Twenty years ago, we all lugged around those big camcorders and followed Little Johnny’s triumphs on the t-ball field or Little Suzie’s ballet and ice-skating lessons. The problem with the video medium we recorded on is that the film loses color and viewing quality over time. Also, the film becomes brittle over the years and subject to breaking. But, if you give those films of your children’s precious moments to a professional, they can perform a video conversion of your VHS, Beta, Hi-8 or other type movie from tape to DVD so it won’t warp, fade, or get brittle.

Also, with video transfer, the quality of the video can be enhanced and background noise can be reduced or eliminated. The audio can be transferred to Dolby Digital and those shaky images can be stabilized for a better quality movie. The video transfertechnicians can edit out any blank spots on the video and will make sure the audio and video are in perfect sync. And short videos can be edited together so you have one long DVD of family memories to watch.

Video transfer isn’t just for home videos, either. Many people have favorite movies on VHS or other media that they don’t want to lose. These movies can be transferred from tape to DVD so they are preserved for untold years of use. That VHS movie can still be watched on DVD years after the VCR player has been tossed in the trash. And video transfer can be done for sales presentations, weddings, baptisms, or bar- and bat-mitzvahs and other ceremonies, and memorials, too, so you can watch them for years to come.

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